My First Mathematics Book 1


  • This workbook covers the first two terms of Grade One
  • A4 Softcover Workbook
  • 81 pages
  • CAPS Curriculum
  • Followed by Book 2
  • Used in conjuction with A5 Homework book


These books are based on the CAPS curriculum and ensure a one-hundred percent curriculum coverage. These books guide the learners through challenging concepts in a simple step-by-step way. Designed to repeat key activities throughout the workbook, learners master concepts rather than covering a single concept and then moving on, allowing learners to apply and practice knowledge and skills by means of doing activities. Each page is designed in such a way that the level of difficulty increases in a gradual manner.

The Mathematics Homework books have been carefully designed to be a repetition of the work that is covered in the Mathematics class workbooks, therefore guaranteeing that the learners get time to repeat an activity, whilst ensuring that they do not get homework that they do not understand or that has not been previously done in the classroom.

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Natalia (Flick ups), Print (Ball and Stick)

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