Hi! I’m Hazel – the author and illustrator behind Blue Bird Learning Books! I am currently a Grade One teacher at Maritzburg Preparatory School and am passionate about great learning content that is presented in a fun and engaging way. After a long search for vibrant, meaningful learning material to use for the learners in my class I realised there was  gaping hole where such content should be. It was then that “Blue Bird Learning Books” was born. I had found that an interactive workbook was a great help in my classroom and wanted to share this with others.


Silent Helper


As a publisher, Blue Bird Learning Books is built on offering an exciting and stimulating range of Curriculum compliant easy-to-use educational material. I am confident that the current content of these books will bring the fun back into learning for both you and your young learners.

Web kitAll Blue Bird Books are available in both Natalia font and Print font.

The first series Blue Bird Books has to offer is the Robot Series which covers the entire Grade One year in the areas of Sounds (Time2Read programme by Marit Paul), Life Skills (CAPS), Mathematics (CAPS) and Mathematics Homework.

The second series Blue Bird Books has to offer is the Dino Series which covers the entire Grade two year in the areas of Sounds (Time2Read programme by Marit Paul), and Mathematics (CAPS) Mathematics Homework. There is a Life Skills book being added to the series. These books are refreshing in their layout and intuative for both the teacher and leaner.

There is a third set – the Monster Series in the pipeline, so keep a look out for it in the coming months.


Level 1, Semester 1 Maths BooksMathematics Books:

The Mathematics books are based on the CAPS curriculum and ensure a one-hundred percent curriculum coverage. These books guide the learners through challenging concepts in a simple step-by-step way. I designed the Mathematics books to repeat various activities throughout the workbooks to ensure that the learners understand a concept, instead of just covering a concept once and moving on. They allow learners to practice their knowledge and skills by means of activities. The worksheets are designed in such a way that the level of difficulty increases in a gradual way.

The Mathematics Homework books have been carefully designed to be a repetition of the work that is covered in the Mathematics class workbooks, therefore guaranteeing that the learners get time to repeat an activity that they were unsure of, whilst ensuring that they do not get homework that they do not understand or that had not been previously done in the classroom.

Level 1, Semester 2 Sounds BooksSounds Books:

The level 1 sounds books may appear simple, however they carefully build a good foundation for reading and spelling words. They are based on Marit Paul’s Time2Read programme which has proven to be a very valuable programme. The level 2 sounds books are a good step up from the level 1 books. They draw from the knowledge they have gained from level 1 and expands on it. The books are created in such a way that after a certain sound has been covered (for example Long a) there is a carefully constructed comprehension, testing both their understanding of the sound covered and comprehension skills. I have also ensured that basic language skills are introduced and reaffirmed.

Level 1,Year Book, LifeskillsLife Skills:

The Life Skills book is comprehensive and easy to follow book. It is based on the CAPS Curriculum and covers all of the topics that need to be covered in grade 1 in a meaningful way. The books encourage learners to draw on their own experiences while gaining new knowledge about their environments. Careful time has been taken to ensure that the pictures used in the books are child friendly and easy to understand.

Schools that are currently using these workbooks include:

  • Cowan House
  • Creston Collage
  • Curro Hilcrest Christian Acadamy
  • Epworth
  • Hamilton Prep
  • Hermannsburg
  • Highbury
  • Hilton Prep
  • Hope Valley
  • John Wesley
  • Lynford
  • Maritzburg Prep
  • Merchiston
  • New Hanover
  • Our Lady Of Fatima
  • Scottsville
  • South Coast Institute For Learning Development
  • St Charles
  • St Mary’s
  • St Johns
  • St Nicholas
  • The Wykeham Collegiate
  • Thomas More Collage
  • Wartburg Kirchdorf
  • Waterfall Prep

I would love to add your school to this list – you can order your books here.

Chat soon,

Hazel Wain